Couple's Play Combo

The MaxGFeel™ Couple's Play Combo contains:

5 FREE x Aqua Lube water based lube envelopes 3ml

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Emma MaxGFeel™ G-Spot Vibrator

Gentle though powerful and sturdy, Emma MaxGFeel™ contours with its curved head are specifically designed to find your G-spot and your ultimate sexual happiness.

Emma MaxGFeel™ is a sex toy for solo play and couple play - foreplay, intercourse and afterplay. Moreover, this sex toy will give you a 100% waterproof experience for more variation in your search for sexual fantasies.  

The special last generation design gives this vibrator a stunning shape and makes you enjoy its strength. Also, ideal as gift for your partner.

Key features:

  • 100% waterproof
  • rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • USB charge port for PC, charger, portable source
  • 3 hours of use per charging time
  • 9 patterns of vibration
  • adjustable intensity for every pattern
  • material: medical silicone
  • size: 8 length x 1.25 head diameter inches (205 length x 30 head diameter mm)
  • color: pink and purple

Emma MaxGFeel™ G-Spot Vibrator explained

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Outside MaxGFeel™ Rechargeable Vibrating Ring

Outside MaxGFeel™ Rechargeable Vibrating Ring gives longer and stronger erections than ever before by holding blood flow within the shaft of the penis. The vibrating head gives your partner unrivaled clitoral stimulation during intercourse. The head has a unique shape and configuration with several stripes for clitoral stimulation

The ring has 7 patterns of vibration that give you a non-noisy experience.

Made of durable and body safe rubber, the Outside MaxGFeel™ Rechargeable Vibrating Ring is nice and stretchy to fit most girths and grab the base of the shaft with a mild grip.

As a couple, you can both enjoy orgasmically good stimulation simultaneously.

Key features:

  • rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • USB charge port for PC, charger, portable source
  • 7 patterns of vibration
  • <50db Low noise with strong vibration motor
  • ring inside diameter: 1.2 inch (30mm)
  • ring outside diameter: 1.9 inch (48mm)
  • material: medical silicone
  • color: pink
  • very stretchy
  • water resistant, slash proof

Outside MaxGFeel™ Rechargeable Vibrating Ring explained

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