MaxGFeel™ 5-weight multicolor Kegel Balls


Tone up your pelvic walls and floor and enjoy the orgasmic roll of 1 and 2 free-roaming with MaxGFeel™ 5-weight multicolor Kegel Balls.

This ensemble is for both beginners (with the light color balls) but also for the more experienced users (with the intense color balls).

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US $ 37.95

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MaxGFeel™ 5-weight multicolor Kegel Balls help you rejuvenate your vagina in the most enjoyable way, this 5-weight balls are for both, pleasure and health.

Each sphere has a different weight: 24g, 34g, 44g, 54g and 66g. The lighter the color, the lighter the weight. Each sphere houses a different weight ball that wiggles when you do, resulting in sensational stimulation. 

If you are new to the Kegel exercise, have experienced childbirth, or are over 30, opt for the lighter balls. Then, once you have build up experience, you can opt for the heavier ones.

The ensemble comes with two different pockets for 1 and 2 balls.

Key features:

  • progressive Kegel Balls system
  • balls diameter: 1.26 inches (32 mm)
  • 1 ball pocket length: 5.7 inches (145 mm)
  • 2 ball packet length: 7.7 inches (195 mm)
  • weights of balls: 24g, 34g, 44g, 54g, 66g
  • material: 25% silicone
  • elegant gift box
  • super discreet for a sensual workout
  • waterproof
  • portable
  • color: range from light pink to red, according to the weight
  • environmental friendly