Hammer MaxGFeel™ Vibrating Ring


Hammer your way to orgasm!

Hammer MaxGFeel™ Vibrating Ring stands-out from other regular vibrating rings by its unique design and its vibration pattern that increase erection and delay the ejaculation.

Hammer MaxGFeel™ Vibrating Ring is enjoyable for men and women. This vibrating ring hammers the clitoris for perfect stimulation and it improves erection strength for man.

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US $ 19.95

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The stretchy Hammer MaxGFeel™ Vibrating Ring gives longer and stronger erections and it delays the ejaculation.

The vibrating head gives your partner clitoral stimulation during intercourse. The head has a unique shape and configuration and is hammering your partner's clitoris with its 3 stripes.

Made of durable and body safe silicone, the Hammer MaxGFeel™ Vibrating Ring is nice and stretchy to fit most girths and grab the base of the shaft with a mild grip.

The Hammer MaxGFeel™ Vibrating Ring can be used in solo or couple play as shown below. The vibe can be stimulating for either him or her depending on which direction the head is facing. If turned upside down the vibrating head will stimulate the penis for a unique feeling. If turned upward, the head will stimulate your partner's clitoris.

Key features:

  • material: medical silicone
  • silent, less than 50 dB
  • size: 2.25x1.60x1.28 inch (57.2x41x32.5 mm)
  • color: rose red
  • very stretchy
  • splash proof 
  • net weight: 15g

Hammer MaxGFeel™ Vibrating Ring explained

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